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Olivia and Adyn | Downtown Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana

February 19, 2017

I will spare everyone and leave the sappy, this is my sister's last semi formal, post to myself and instead give a short and sweet little post. 


My sister, in my opinion, is just absolutely stunning. So any time she wants to get in front of my camera I jump on the chance. When she told me she wanted me to take her semi formal photos, I actually cleared my schedule. Her and her cute boyfriend looked amazing and I was not going to pass up the opportunity to photograph them especially when they said they wanted to shoot downtown. My parents actually ended up being on vacation during my sister's last semi formal so this day ended up being a little stressful. I had to play the role of sister, photographer, mom, outfit assembler, curfew enforcer, worried parent, and lecturer about being safe. But in the end it was worth it when it was all said and done.


Therefore please enjoy the cuteness that is my sister and her boyfriend, and the stunningness (is that even a word?) that is my baby sister.


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