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Melissa | Metea Park | Leo, Indiana

November 11, 2016

I will be honest, sometimes I do not know what to write on these blog posts. There is just so much pressure to write the right thing, and to create this story with your blog, and sometimes it is hard. I mean, how am I suppose to use the words to tell you how gorgeous Melissa is, when my photos do such a better job at showing it?


All my clients are truly amazing, and Melissa was no exception. She was so amazing to work with. Not only is she possibly the most bubbly and giggly person ever, but she also knows how to give a killer straight face. We spent her whole session talking about senior year, college, work, and her adorable nephew, Mason. Melissa was one of my seniors I just wanted to take home, or spend the day with. I could of talked to her for hours. She was also totally awesome in that she told me to do whatever I wanted for her photos. I got to play with the gorgeous light as it was golden hour, and take a more artistic twist on her photos. I also got to use my favorite location with all the fall leaves, and grass. I was in heaven. Honestly it was the bomb! (yes, I said it was the bomb. So go ahead and enjoy Melissa's photos!


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