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Dager Family | Grand Wayne Center | Fort Wayne, Indiana

July 13, 2016

First things first, THIS FAMILY IS AWESOME! This is my second year photographing this awesome family, and I hope I get to photograph them a million times more. This family of eight brings so much life to my camera. The whole session was filled with giggles, discussing their move, smiles, and a bunch of good laughs when Nellie didn't quite get the last photo idea, of mom kissing dad while the kids were looking away. Therefore I wish I could spend most of my days shooting this family. 


I want to take a minute to talk about their family individually. First there is Jeanna, and if you are lucky enough to now Jeanna you know that she is quite possibly the sweetest person to ever exist.  She also is always so calm, and collected, which with six kids would be insanely hard. She even took the time to write me a thank you note, which she had all the kids sign. She is just so thoughtful. Then there is Rod, one of the calmest people I have ever met. I can confidently say with six kids I would not be calm, but Rod is. He also is probably the goofiest family member and has such a contagious laugh. 


Now we are at the kids: Hannah, John, Drew, Theo, Conner, and Nellie. (Please do not quote me on that order) Hannah is the oldest of the six, and attends Purdue. She is quiet, but when she does talk she speaks so gently and with love towards all of her siblings. Hannah is followed by John, who is just the sweetest and I just want to hug him. He is always the one we have to ask to smile, but when he does he has the brightest smile. Now this is where the order gets fuzzy to me, I think Drew is next. Drew is constantly joking around with Conner and Theo, making jokes to make them laugh. He also has quite possibly the cutest head of red hair! Next, I believe, is Conner! Conner reminds me so much of his mom in the way he carries himself. He is just so sweet, calm, and collected, and was also the first one to tell me thank you, before their mom even said anything. He is just so thoughtful. Followed by Conner is Theo, the fireball of the family. Theo is so full of life, and energy. He is a goofball, constantly making funny faces and cracking jokes. And last, but not least, is sweet little Nellie. I don't know why but Nellie just gets to me. It might be because I love her name, or her white blonde bob cut, or her freckles. I would kill to have freckles, especially if I looked as cute as Nellie with freckles.


Now I could go on for another 9 paragraphs about this family but I will let you get to their photos. Be sure to enjoy the last ones because they are hilarious. Jeanna suggested that they take a photo of her and Rod kissing and all the kids looking away, Nellie didn't really get that idea and instead she kissed Dad. It was hilarious but oh so cute! So enjoy!




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