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Wickey Maternity | Downtown Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana

September 3, 2017

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Heather and Sam's Wedding. This is what I had to say about them after their wedding:

"If you know Heather and Sam, you know why I am extremely bias towards them. Heather and Sam are two of the gentlest, sweetest, selfless, and compassionate people I know. Sam never fails to put the biggest smile on Heather's face. When he whispered in her ear, or mouthed that he loved her, Heather just lit up. Her smile stretching from ear to ear. Heather never fails to make Sam laugh. The second she'd say something funny, or let out a giggle, Sam was cracking up, smiling. But besides when they were right next to each other you could watch them search for each other in the room. Every second they were apart on their wedding day you could see then sneaking quick glances at the other one, then smiling to themselves. I have never met two people so in love whose love literally radiated to those around them."


I honestly thought that they could not love each other more then they already did, I was wrong. Their love radiates more then ever, but now it is radiating around this little one about to be born. The time I spent editing these photos was spent filled with excitement and joy over this little one. Heather and Sam are really near and dear to me, and I can not wait for their family to grow by ten little toes, and ten little fingers. I am anxiously waiting the text from Heather that they are headed to the hospital. I am just beyond excited for Eden to arrive, and I know so many of their friends and family are also radiating with excitement. Little Eden is already loved by her parents more then she will ever be able to understand. 


So enjoy Heather and her little round belly. She seriously makes pregnancy look amazing. I truly hope I can look this good at nearly 8 months pregnant! 


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