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Akers Family | Downtown Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana

October 17, 2017

I have a favorite session each year, and it is the Akers family! They were one of my first family sessions when I started my business three years ago, and I have photographed them every year since. This seems so crazy to me! They have always had trust in me to capture their beautiful family and I am so thankful for that! 


The Akers family holds a very special place in my heart. Nearly four years ago, I first babysat their little boys, Max and Sam. When I first watched Max and Sam they were just babies. Sam was barely one, and Max was three. I have been around ever since. Since I spend time with this family on the regular, Max and Sam have my whole entire heart. I mean just look at the pictures, you will realize why. My favorite days are days where I get to see Max and Sam. So not only have I had the pleasure of watching them grow through the lens of my camera, but also in person.

Watching them grow has been such a pleasure, Max and Sam are two of the coolest kids you will ever meet, and I get to watch them grow. Honestly just feel so lucky to be a part of their lives. Max and Sam are actually the reason I started my business. August, three years ago, I took my camera over to their house when I was babysitting. I snapped a few pictures of them because I wanted to start to document them as they grew. I posted them, and suddenly people started asking me to take their family photos. This family has just made my life so much better! 


But this special family goes beyond Max and Sam's cute faces, right to Abby and Wes. Abby and Wes are seriously relationship goals. The love they have for each other is amazing, and the love they have for their boys is just so beautiful. They are two of the sweetest, nurturing people I have ever met. They have welcomed me into their home and their lives. They have spent time investing in me, and my business. This summer Abby and I took the boys to the Indy Children's museum which meant we had four hours to just chat. It was wonderful to grow closer to this wonderful woman. They have also never failed to shower me in love. From the second I first met this family they have made me feel like I was part of their family and for that I am so thankful.


So while this post may be a little sappy, how could it not be? After all, this family is the best thing to exist since sliced bread! 


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