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Dubach Family | Metea Park | Leo, Indiana

October 21, 2017

When Heather contacted me about family photos I was over the moon. I absolutely adore this family, but I am a little bias. There are so many amazing things I could and will say about this family. Therefore I hope everyone is prepared for me to  rant and rave about this amazing family!


This family is very near and dear to my heart. Eric is the lead pastor at my church, Brookside, and does such an amazing job leading our church. When my family first attended Brookside we were blown away. If you haven't had a chance to hear him preach you need to! He is just so knowledgeable and I feel that he just does such an amazing job leading the church into a deeper relationship with God. He also baptized me last winter, and made me cry with his sweet words. I had wanted to get baptized a couple years ago, but just didn't feel comfortable doing it at the church I was attending. The second I met Eric, I knew I wanted to be baptized at Brookside, and was so excited to be able to be baptized by him. 


While I could continue to rant and rave about Eric, there are four other wonderful people in this family, including Heather. Heather is literally one of the sweetest and gentlest woman I had ever met. She just radiates love onto those around her. You just know she is a Godly woman. She also happens to be someone I look up to. She is such a wonderful mother to her three beautiful kids. I am just thankful to have such an amazing woman in my life to look up to and look to for guidance in things.


Now down to my favorite three members of this family, Olivia, Judah, and Evelyn. They also happen to be the cutest members of this family. I did Midweek at Brookside and had the pleasure of having Olivia in my class/group. She was seriously the best behaved kindergartener I had, and she was just so dang smart. She just radiated kindness and love to the other kids. She never failed to be compassionate and sweet, and always gave me a big hug when she left. After Olivia comes Judah, quite possibly the cutest kid to exist. While I have not spent as much time with Judah or Evelyn. I do know a bit about each of them from being around them on occasion. Judah is hilarious. When I was editing their photos I can not even begin to count how many he was making silly faces during. It seriously made my day. I just had to keep a few to send with their family photos. He also brought his goofiness to the session which in turn made for a lot of laughs. He also is just super sweet and gentle, minus the moment in which he tackled Olivia... He also hung out with me last Christmas Eve when I did a photo booth at the church. I must of taken a million photos of him. Last but not least, sweet little Evelyn. First can we just talk about her curls! I am so envious of them! She also wore the cutest little buns for the session. She is such a doll! She was so cute the whole session she wanted to hold on to her container of hair ties. I would ask to borrow them so I could take a photo and the second the camera came down she had her hand out ready for those hair ties. She also spent some of the photos waving at me, and saying hi. She was also blown away by the tattoo on my ankle. She spent the first half of the session staring at my ankle. It was so cute! 


This family was seriously the greatest. I have many moments during my job when I think I have the best job in the world, but this session confirmed it. I love watching families just radiate with love and joy in front of my camera and the Dubachs radiated! So go ahead and enjoy this awesome family! 


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