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Ale and Zach | Metea Park | Leo, Indiana

October 20, 2017

I am behind in my blogging, there is no going around it. But I refuse to get behind and give up.  I could not bare the thought of simply not posting someones session because I got behind and it was easier to just skip a few. Which is why I am here writing posts that should of been up by the end of the October, near the end of November. At the end of the day, it got done. As long as my clients get their photos on time, I am happy. Their blog posts? Well, I am glad I have patient clients. 


I have mentioned probably a thousand times how awesome my job is and how awesome the couples I work with are, but I am going to do it again. My job is awesome because I work with awesome couples. There I said it again, but it is so true. I work with the best couples in the whole entire world, and yes I am extremely bias, but I am going to be. Ale and Zach are two very special people which is why I had to say how awesome they are. I went to high school with Ale, many years ago. I met her at the end of my freshman year at cheer tryouts for the next year. I was going to be a sophomore she was an incoming freshman. While we didn't cheer on the same team, we spent a lot of practices together, and I knew her pretty well. I switched schools at the end of my sophomore year, and I thought I wouldn't see really anyone that wasn't one of my best friends again. I was wrong. I am now in my senior year of college and on the first day of school a red head walked into my critical reading class, and I thought she looked so familiar. She also was in my class the next day, Native American Literature. It was driving me nuts. She looked so familiar but then again I hadn't seen her in over 6 years so it was no surprise I was struggling to remember. In our third week of classes my critical reading teacher made us tell him where we went to high school, she said Concordia and the light clicked. I did actually know this girl, we went to high school for a year together. She was a cheerleader and we even had the same gym class one semester. I can't believe I ever forgot. 


When Ale reached out to me about doing her engagement and wedding photos I was actually pretty surprised. Our critical reading teacher had asked us about our jobs and I told him I was a wedding and portrait photographer. I never expected Ale to remember that and reach out to me. I also figured that she, like most people, knew at least a handful of photographers and would go with someone else. But gladly she didn't. She contacted me, we met up for coffee with her equally awesome fiancé, went over everything, and booked her engagement photos. I honestly love that I am getting to photograph people I know from high school and I am able to be a part of one of the biggest days of their lives. This is defiantly a wedding I am looking forward to. 


When I showed up for their engagement photos, Ale and Zach were just so excited. Ale was in fact so excited that she was playing with her engagement ring and managed to drop it in the parking lot of Metea. That was a frightening 5 minutes. Thankfully Zach reminded calm, and we were able to find it. We laughed about it just moments later. Ale had been putting off getting her ring sized. A couple days later when I saw her at school she told me after their engagement photos they took it straight to the jeweler to be sized. We are not going to be repeating that accident on their wedding day. Ale and Zach totally rocked their engagement session, minus loosing the ring for a brief few minutes... They told me that they were going to be awkward and I was going to have to give them a lot of directions. They were total liars. Within maybe 5 minutes they were totally pros at posing and giving the cutest candid moments. Seriously, their photos are ridiculously cute! Ale and Zach are just so sweet together, and I seriously can't not wait to photograph them again. But until next July, enjoy their adorable engagement photos. 

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