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Kaitlyn | Downtown Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana

October 29, 2017

This is what I had to say about Kaitlyn last time I photographed her: In case you don't know, I take three to five senior reps very year. A senior rep is a senior who receives a free session in return for recommending me to her friends for their senior photos. I have to say this program is pretty awesome. I usually end up with five of the most amazing seniors. Kaitlyn is not exception. The second I received her application I knew I was going to pick her. Kaitlyn has been through a few things, and it reminded me of myself as a senior in high school. She even spent the time to give me her personally testimony about her walk with Christ and how He is the reason she got through everything. I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up. As most of you know I am a Christian and I firmly believe I am who I am because of him. To hear such a young girl say the same thing was amazing. I was sold on Kaitlyn after 3 paragraphs. Besides the fact that she is such an amazing Christian and leads the school youth group, Kaitlyn also is an amazing dancer, a cheerleader, wonderful student, a pageant girl, total sweetheart and is beautiful inside and out. She spent her whole session giggling, telling jokes, and just absoutley radiating. We spent the whole time running away from the rain but we had an amazing time.


Our fall session together was a little different. For one, it was freezing. Literally it was 36 degrees. Kaitlyn's dad spent the time between shots warming her up with a blanket. It was defiantly brutal. I was freezing and I had several layers, a huge coat, gloves, and a hat on. I also loved that she brought both her mom and her dad. I would like to make their name the dream team, because literally they were a dream team. Kaitlyn's mom had a bag with every hair tool needed to keep Kaitlyn's hair perfect, and dad was in charge of warming her up .They spent the session making her giggle, helping her relax and making sure every inch of her looked flawless. (She didn't need the help) They also helped with holding the blanket around her so she could change, and ripping her white t-shirt so it could be a tank top undershirt for another outfit. It felt like we were on set of a magazine production, it was awesome! 


But my favorite part about this session would have to be the recreation photo. Kaitlyn as a photo of herself as a child holding strawberry crush, in a red polka dot dress, on stairs and we decided to recreate the photo. Oh my goodness, I loved it. Be sure to check those out and enjoy the rest of Kaitlyn's photos!


Also be on the lookout for her spring sessions and her prom photos! This girl is going to kill her spring and prom photos! I can not wait!

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