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Kennedy Family | At Home | Spencerville, Indiana

October 29, 2017

As everyone knows I shoot families quite often, especially in the fall. But not often do I shoot my own family. My sister and I are the youngest in our family unless you get out to second cousins, and most of my cousins are married but without kids yet. Therefore there is not a lot of reasons for my own family to want photos. However there are a few here and there that still have kids and still want those family photos who I have the pleasure of shooting, like the Kennedys. 


The Kennedy family is full of amazing people, who are so very near and dear to my heart. These four may be my second and third cousins but I am honestly super close with them because they have always been around, and because I totally love this family. Their daughter, Emmy, even helped my high school boyfriend ask me to prom. They are that type of close. But in all seriousness you can not find four more amazing people. Jeff is the biggest teddy bear ever. His hugs seriously can make your day. He is so sweet and gentle, but also always cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. Jenn his wife is just equally wonderful. She is seriously the kindest and most encouraging person in the world. She also is one of those people that just make everyone feel important and I love that. Next comes Brayden who is just as goofy as his dad, although he would never admit it. He also inherited the kind and gentle traits from both of his parents. And last but not least there is Emmy. Emmy is a seriously talented dancer, to the point that she has a dance studio in her basement to practice in. But outside of her amazing talent she is equally sweet, and kind, always gentle, and can be just as goofy. Seriously these four are incredible and amazing, and I could ramble about them all day, but I'm sure people just want to see the photos already so here they are! Enjoy!


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