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Johnson Family | Shoaff Park | Fort Wayne, Indiana

October 29, 2017

Shooting in the cold is no big deal to me, mainly because as the photographer I get to stand there in my coat and gloves, with my big warm hat, and several layers. However clients don't seem to love it, for obvious reasons. Most of October was rather warm, so no one would of guessed that the last weekend in October would of been absolutely freezing. But it was, and of course the last weekend in October also happened to be my busiest, and the weekend I shot the Johnson family. 


The Johnson family was just absolutely sweet, and rather joyful even though it was so brutally cold. They brought blankets and their little ones were wrapped up until the second we started taking photos, and rewrapped the second we stopped taking photos. Due to the brutal cold we had to make this session rather quick. It was suppose to be a thirty minute session, but we ended up taking these photos in about eight, we were really moving. It was brutally cold, but we managed to get perfect family photos, even if the kids did look a little cold. Hopefully I will have the pleasure of photographing them next year during a little bit warmer day! So enjoy their family photos and know that they were freezing but still managed to get the perfect shot. That is dedication right there. 


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