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Bienz Extended Family | Grand Wayne Center | Fort Wayne, Indiana

December 27, 2017

Everyone may remember me ranting and raving about the Kennedy family after their family photos this fall. If not, I ranted and raved about the Kennedy family because a. they are one amazing family, and b. I am related to them. But b is besides the point. A few weeks after their family photos, Jenn reached out to me. She asked me if I would be interested in doing extended family photos. Her sister lives in Japan and was going to be home for the holidays, and wanted to do photos. I immediately said yes, and I am so glad I did. Just look at the photos you will know why.


The Bienz, Kennedy, Craft, and Joley families are all so amazing, and I am not bias because I am only related to four of them. I literally went home after this session and considered only photographing extended families from this point on. That is how wonderful they were. This session was filled with so much laughter. Jokes and silly faces were made. Grandma and Grandma were in the middle of the beautiful family they started just beaming with joy. Seriously go look at the photos of just them, have you ever seen two happier people? I never wanted this session to end. Every photo more beautiful then the last, every face smiling bigger and bigger through the session. These are some of my favorite family photos I have ever taken, and once you look you will know why! So go enjoy this awesome session!

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