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Selking Wedding | St Peter Lutheran Church and The Charles | Fort Wayne, Indiana

October 14, 2017

As you may remember from when I did Sarah and Stuart's engagement photos, my goal for their wedding day was to make it through the day without calling Stuart, James. Well I am happy to report that I did it. I remembered Stuart's name the whole day, Sarah even complimented me on it. 


Now this is what I had to say about Sarah and Stuart originally. I met Sarah for the first time in April for coffee, and she brought along her best friend Lindsey. Now these two are so awesome for so many reasons. Not only have they been best friends since high school but they also very much remind me of my best friend and I. The second I met Sarah I knew she was going to be an awesome bride and I was super excited to shoot her wedding. She told me a lot about Stuart that day, and their adorable son Karter. I will be honest, I love Sarah because she reminds me so much of someone I would be best friends with! She is so relaxed, outgoing, bubbly and just has a contagious laughter. I met with her for coffee and literally laughed most of the time. I figured when I first met Sarah that Stuart had to be pretty amazing. Especially since Sarah was so fantastic. He met my expectations, and completely blew them out of the water. He compliments Sarah in every way. When she is bubbly, he takes the back seat. When she is quiet, he fills in the spots, when she is laughing, he is laughing right along side her. I feel so blessed, honestly, to be their wedding photographer.


Their wedding day was amazing. Not only was the temperature absolutely perfect, the mood of the day was just wonderful. Everyone was so filled with excitement, especially Karter. My favorite moment of the day was walking Karter down to his mom so she could see him in his tux. Tears flowed as Karter walked into the room and Sarah saw him, it was such a beautiful moment. But besides that, Sarah and Stuart had an amazing bridal party filled with a such a fun group of people, who were so excited and overjoyed for Stuart and Sarah. It was a bridal party I could only hope all of my brides and grooms have. 


But besides the people, the details of the day were beautiful. The church was absolutely breathtaking.  The flowers, a combination of sunflowers, roses, and carnations were one of my favorite bouquet combos I had seen all year. The guys in grey, I love grey tuxes. But the best detail was the cake. Sarah and Stuart chose an amazing cake! It had a foundation and was one of the biggest cakes I have ever seen but it was amazing! Now I could continue to ramble about their details, which were beautiful, or I could just let you get to the photos. So enjoy this awesome wedding!





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