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Senior Stylized Shoot | The Buttes Marriot | Phoenix, Arizona

November 6, 2017

While in Arizona I had the chance to collaborate on quite a few shoots, including a senior shoot. Three gorgeous girl were brought out for this session, all more beautiful then the last. Seriously these girls were gorgeous. But not only were they gorgeous, but so was the location. This shoot took place at The Buttes at the Marriot in Tempe Arizona. This hotel is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and a million places to take gorgeous photos. There were shoots going on everywhere. I mean what can you expect when you bring 300 amazing photographers to a gorgeous location. 


During this shoot, one of the native photographers had to explain the landscape because there are these things called floating cactuses. In case you don't know, floating cactuses are part of a cactus that floats off and lands on the ground. So basically they are tiny clusters of needles on the ground that you don't notice unless you are really paying attention, or until they are in the bottom of your foot. So this shoot was a lot of jumping around and avoiding clusters of needles that threatened to stab you. And can I just say it really hurts when they stab you? I managed to get on into my finger during this shoot. But once you see the shots you will realize how worth it was!


So check out this awesome senior shoot in the Arizona desert! I will be over here upset that we do not have this gorgeous lighting every day in Indiana.


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