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Chapman Wedding | The Charles and Goeglin's Homestead | Fort Wayne, Indiana

February 11, 2018

Last Friday I got to shoot my first wedding of 2018. Which would be a huge excitement on its own, but it doesn't stop there. My first wedding of 2018 was one of my best friend's weddings. My job is so amazing because I get to have such a big part in my friend's wedding day. Sure it would be awesome to be in their wedding, but I literally get to take the photos they will look at for the rest of their lives. The photos they will show their kids and their grandchild. So I would say that being able to be their photographer is just about the best thing that I could be asked to do. 


When Christine got engaged I was so excited, but also shocked. Christine always said in high school that she would never settle down. That means that either she changed her mind as she matured, or Mitchell is really that amazing of a guy. I personally believe the second one because Christine deserves someone absolutely amazing and I always knew she would find a guy who swept her off her feet. But Mitchell has done so much more then just swept her off her feet. He literally has just brought so much joy to her life. Not only does he love her endlessly but also her little boy, Called. Seeing him with Callen is absolutely heart melting. You would honestly think Callen is his own. I literally could not of dreamed up a better man for Christine.


The day started off with the guys photos. Christine and Mitchell have spent a lot of time at the park in Leo by the river, therefore Christine wanted to do the guys photos there. I was a little worried as it is February and everything is dead, but my worry was for nothing. The park has three huge gorgeous white pavilions that made the perfect backdrop for photos! The only problem was it was brutally cold. The guys were literally trying to stay warm and were so glad when I was able to crank the photos out. I was so excited though that the guys were in my favorite suit color combo, navy and grey! I shot a wedding last October that had navy and grey suits and every since I have been hooked! I was so excited when I saw their suits! If you aren't sold on the navy and grey color combo just take a look at the photos. You will be. After we (my second shooter and I) left the guys,  we headed over to the Charles to photograph the girls. I was already emotional when I was driving there, I mean, come on, one of my best friends was getting married! But the second I saw Christine, I was struggling to hold back tears. Christine is beautiful, but I swear somehow she became even more beautiful on her wedding day. It was probably the fact that she was literally glowing. She was one big smile, and looked the happiest I have ever seen. 


Besides the amazing couple and their amazing bridal party. The wedding was filled with beautiful details. The first amazing detail? Their color palette. The grey and navy color palette was absolutely beautiful! Then there was the gorgeous flowers! Christine stuck with muted tones for the flowers of blues and greens and oh my word! I wanted to take those bouquets home. They were stunning! I can not even begin to express how beautiful muted tones are in flowers. Besides the color palette and flowers, we also had three gorgeous spaces for photos including the park in Leo, The Charles and Geoglein's. All three provided a gorgeous backdrop for photos. The Charles also provided a gorgeous space for the ceremony with the prettiest lighting and Geoglein's provided a gorgeous space for the reception. Overall the day was absolutely beautiful, which how could it not be when Christine was the one planning it. 


I could literally go on and on for hours about Christine and Mitchell and their beautiful wedding day, but I should probably let everyone get to the photos. I just have to mention one last thing. In my questionnaire I always ask how brides found me. Christine answered I always knew I would use you. Literally how sweet is that?! Also be sure to check out the vendor list if anything catches your eye!



Venue: The Charles and Geoglein's          

Wedding Dress: Wendy's

Groom's Suits: Wendy's

Caterer: Geoglein's

Hair Stylist: Tahisha Johnson

Makeup Artist: Deepika Tuhan

Wedding Cake: Halls





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