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Wright Wedding | The Crossing Church and Metea Park | New Haven, Indiana

March 11, 2018

This year is filled with weddings of girls I either grew up with or went to high school with and I have to say it makes me seriously emotional. Two weeks ago I captured one of my best friends who I met in high school get married, and then I had the pleasure of photographing Brittney and Logan's wedding who I also went to high school with. Later this year I will capture another high school friend, my childhood best friend, and one of my close college friends get married. I am in for an emotional rollercoaster. I mean, I always get a little emotional on my couple's wedding days. All the planning I have heard them talk about, all the small details they have mentioned and the dress that I just briefly say pictures of is now coming together to create a beautiful day. I get emotional because I feel like these brides and grooms become family in that time. So I think you can imagine how emotional I feel when someone I actually knew, before I met them at Starbucks to discuss their big day, gets married.


When I saw Brittney on her wedding day I was holding back tears. How could the girl I sat next to in math class junior year be the stunning bride in front of me. How had this all happened? Where had the past 5 years gone? I first met Brittney 5 years ago in math class, and knew there was something amazing about this girl. Brittney was an amazing volleyball player, and super gorgeous, seriously she is beautiful! I was thankful as I was able to become closer friends with her during our senior year. As someone who was friends with Brittney in high school, I knew she was an amazing girl and was going to be such an amazing wife to the right guy. All this was evident as I watched her pour her heart into the wrong relationship. If she could give so much to the wrong guy, she was going to give her all to the right one. What I didn't know was that the right one was the guy who cracked jokes in my English class and made our class a little more bearable. I watched as Brittney and Logan started dating, wondering why I had never pictured them together before. They were obviously a perfect match and this was confirmed when Logan got down on one knee and asked Brittney to be his wife. I was beyond estatatic when she contacted me about being her wedding photographer!


Brittney and Logan got married on a gorgeous March day in a little church in downtown New Haven surrounded by their closest family and friends. They filled their bridal party with people who poured love and support over these two and made sure their reception was anything but dull. I literally couldn't of imagined a prettier wedding day for Brittney and Logan. From the gorgeous weather, to the gorgeous flowers everything turned out amazing. But seriously, look at their gorgeous lilac bouquets, they are to die for. 



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