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Megan | Downtown Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana

April 22, 2018

If someone could please explain how the three year old curly, dark haired, little girl that moved in next door to me 16 years ago, is the STUNNING girl I am about to blog, that would be great. Becuase I can not figure it out. Seriously though watching someone you knew from when you were younger grow up is a seriously amazing experience. I am seriously so thankful that Megan's mom asked me to take her senior photos, and capture these last few moments of her being in high school.


Megan and I spent her session talking about the same things I always talk about with my seniors, boys and college. But because of knowing Megan for all these years it was so much more deep then it is normally. We talked about the boy in her life, and her excitement over prom with him and I got to hear details and share that moment with her in a way I normally don't get to with my seniors. I honestly don't know if I have had a better senior session. Reconnecting with Megan over boys and prom and how her little brothers were doing was so great, and I wish it could of lasted all day. Megan will be attending Ball State in the fall to study nursing, but for now she is still the girl I remember from next door and I don't know if I am ready to have her be in college. Life seriously goes so fast, and taking this moment together was seriously so special, even if it was because I was taking her senior photos.


Megan is seriously such a stunning girl, and when you look at her photos you will know exactly what I am talking about. Her eyes are seriously amazing, and her hair is gorgeous. Plus she totally killed it with her outfits. Very fashionable, very Megan. Very much the girl I remember. When we were little Megan and Jacob, her brother, would be at our house, or us at theirs all the time, and I remember playing dress up with Megan and her always choosing the cutest outfits. So it was honestly no surprise when she wore three adorable outfits. Sorry that this post is just me seriously reminiscing, but I still can't believe I just photographed Megan's senior pictures and we are old enough for this to be happening!


So before I get even more sappy, I will end the post and let you enjoy the photos. And I will be over here reminiscing while edit the rest of these. 

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