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Wickey Family | Botanical Gardens | Fort Wayne, Indiana

April 21, 2018

I honestly don't want to write this blog post because I just everyone to go look at the cuteness that is Eden. Seriously you are going to die and have major baby fever, I know I do... 


I honestly can not believe I am blogging Eden's 6 month photos. I am pretty sure it was last week that I was blogging Heather's maternity photos, and yesterday that I was blogging her newborn photos. Why does time seem to be going so fast with this little one? I seriously want it to slow down because Eden is totally in the pumpkin stage and it is literally the cutest thing ever. She was so happy, so full of smiles and cuteness for her session. I wish I could of taken her home, and just loved on her a little bit longer. She is seriously the definition of cuteness and her little baby legs are seriously the most adorable thing you will ever see, hands down. Literally I could just fill this blog post with me obsessing over how cute Eden is, and how cute everything about her is.


Heather literally always dresses so cute for photos, so it was no surprise that Eden looked like a total doll. Seriously tho, Heather wore the cutest outfit for her engagement photos, a stunning dress for her wedding, another adorable outfit for maternity photos, and then she seriously showed up looking like she was something out of a vintage catalog with the perfect matching outfit for Eden and Sam coordinating perfectly as well. Honestly I need to give them a cutest coordinating outfit award. Eden wore an adorable little blue romper and it made my day that it had a matching hat. Seriously how many times can I say this is the cutest family, Eden is the cutest baby, and the session was the cutest. I am going to need to get out the thesaurus to find another word because I have worn cute and cuteness out. But just wait till you see the photos, you will too. 


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