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Emma and Austin | Downtown Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana

May 6, 2018

Literally have photographed these two a million times, and casually hopes I photograph them a million more.


I can not tell you how much of a special place these two hold in my heart. I have been photographing them for over two years and in those two years have had them in front of my camera several times. But it is so much more then they hold a special place in my heart because they are repeat clients. They hold a special place in my heart because Emma and I are actually really good friends and having her in front of my camera has really only made that friendship deeper. So when she asked if I would take her groups prom photos I instantly said yes. Literally we talked about this 9 months ago when she was given the school calendar and I literally marked the day off so I wouldn't take a wedding and wouldn't miss this. Could not be any more thankful I did because this was hands down one of my favorite shoots I have ever done, and I wish we could of shot for about 12 hours instead of one. Seriously just wait until you see these shots. First off Emma literally made her own prom dress, hence why this girl is off to New York for fashion school. It was seriously incredible, and hands down one of the most gorgeous prom dresses I have ever seen. No joke. Second off, Emma and Austin are literally one of the cutest couples ever, and Emma always jokes about how I have captured them from 16 and will capture them for the rest of their lives. Honestly that would be so amazing and bittersweet. When these two get married I will totally ugly cry because I first captured them when they were first dating. Could my job be any greater?


Now I could literally talk about Emma and Austin for the next 5 days but I am way to excited to share their photos and want everyone to go look at them immediately. 

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