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Betts Family | Shoaff Park | Fort Wayne, Indiana

May 7, 2018

In 2016, I took a weekend in November and dedicated it to capturing family photos of families with children who have special needs. I photographed 12 families, and 17 children with special needs and it was honestly one of the highlights of my year. I took that weekend because I feel that every family deserves to have family photos and families who have special needs children are no exception. I know there are photographers out there who refuse to work with those kids and as someone with an education degree and someone who loves all kids, I felt called to make sure that every family gets the family photos they deserve. Knowing that a special needs child can sometimes create a financial burden, I decided to make this happen for free. And after my weekend in 2016, I decided it was going to be something I did every year. Unfortunately 2017 booked up extremely quickly and I wasn't able to dedicate a weekend, so I knew I had to make it happen this year. So I planned ahead and had the pleasure of photographing 9 families, and 12 special needs children.


Since every family deserves photos, they also deserve the full Messy experience which includes their own personal blog post. These families are just as important to me as my paying clients, so everyone meet the amazing Betts Family. The oldest two Betts kids could not make it home for photos, so it was all about Kylie and her time with mom and dad, and oh my goodness did she shine. First off she was dressed adorably, as was Mom, but she just had the sweetest personality. At first she was very unsure about photos, but once she warmed up she loved photos, and her personality came out. Her sense of humor definitely showed when mom told me she had been pointing at dad recently then saying big nose and laughing hysterically, which we got her to do for photos, and let me tell you they were the cutest candid photos ever. All of this families photos were just so adorable and sweet and you could just see the love radiating from each of them towards each other. It was seriously hard to only show a few in this blog post, I wanted to share all of them! I seriously hope I get to photograph this family again because they are so adorable!!





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