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Lombrana Family | Shoaff Park | Fort Wayne, Indiana

May 7, 2018

In 2016, I took a weekend in November and dedicated it to capturing family photos of families with children who have special needs. I photographed 12 families, and 17 children with special needs and it was honestly one of the highlights of my year. I took that weekend because I feel that every family deserves to have family photos and families who have special needs children are no exception. I know there are photographers out there who refuse to work with those kids and as someone with an education degree and someone who loves all kids, I felt called to make sure that every family gets the family photos they deserve. Knowing that a special needs child can sometimes create a financial burden, I decided to make this happen for free. And after my weekend in 2016, I decided it was going to be something I did every year. Unfortunately 2017 booked up extremely quickly and I wasn't able to dedicate a weekend, so I knew I had to make it happen this year. So I planned ahead and had the pleasure of photographing 9 families, and 12 special needs children.


Since every family deserves photos, they also deserve the full Messy experience which includes their own personal blog post. These families are just as important to me as my paying clients, so everyone meet the amazing Lombrana Family. I actually had the pleasure of photographing this family last time I did my special needs sessions but so much has changed. LJ and Trinity have seriously gotten so big! I was amazing how much has changed over the past year and a half. I swear they even got cuter which I would of said was impossible because these two are dolls. But obviously you will see why when you take a look at their mom, Lindsey. May we all get her jeans of looking absolutely gorgeous and seriously so young. I would never say she is a mom of two. But there were some things that didn't change, LJ still was nervous around me, and didn't really like the idea of taking photos but he did really well once he realized I would let him play and take photos at the same time. And once he saw my assistant playing with his toys on my head, then he was sold on looking at the camera. He also managed to create some pretty adorable candid moments with his sister and mom for me to photograph. Seriously this boy is a cutie, and such a ham when he warms up to you. His sister is also the sweetest thing in the world with him, so gentle and loving. I just seriously love that my job is to capture these moments. 


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