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Kaitlyn | Metea Park | Leo, Indiana

April 30, 2018

I have photographed Kaitlyn 3 times during her senior year and I am sad it is all coming to an end since she graduates in just a few weeks. I would of never imaged I would of built such a bond with one of my seniors clients and be so sad that they are graduating but I am! Working with Kaitlyn has seriously been such a pleasure and I am sad to see it end. Although this ending means that Kaitlyn is beginning a new chapter in her life, a new adventure, and let me tell you this girl has some big plans. Kaitlyn has decided to take a year off college to go work in the mission field. She will be doing three months of training in Ireland, and then will be headed off on three different month long trips. After which she will return home and begin her college career here at IPFW and is hoping to get into the Disney college program. This girl is dreaming big! But I could seriously not imagine anything else for her. Her love for Christ is so inspiring and is what is leading her as she makes these decisions to give up her life to pursue a chance to reach more people for Him. Honestly it is so inspiring to see her doing this. Then to come home and go to the Disney college program, this girl is seriously jealous. 


But besides her big plans, there was this last bit of time we were able to spend together focusing on the amazing Pinterest ideas her mom brings every time we have a session. A few weeks ago Kaitlyn texted me her and her mom's ideas for this last round of photos and I was so excited. They always bring me the best ideas. First they wanted to do photos with a suitcase, because Kaitlyn is off on her next big adventure. Then they wanted to do the photo were you put all your outfits throughout the years on a clothes line which literally has been a dream of mine to do for one of my seniors. She then wanted to wrap the session up with a cake smash. UM YES. Seriously was so excited about this session and was so glad to see it come to life. 


The cake smash was seriously the high light of the session. Kaitlyn's mom made one of those signs like you use for one year olds, and it was hilarious. The sign also couldn't stand up on its own so literally Kaitlyn's dad was crouched behind it the whole time to hold it up. The things dads do for their daughters. Her dad also would frequently peek over the top of the board to see what was happening that he was missing, and in the end jumped from behind the sign to smash the cake into Kaitlyn's face. Seriously hilarious moment, until her hair was practically coated in cake. Overall it was probably the best session we have had so far, and the most fun we have had together. 


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