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Lucas and Kenzie | Downtown Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana

May 5, 2018

Emma and Austin weren't the only couple I had  the pleasure of photographing before going off to prom this weekend. I also had the pleasure of photographing Kenzie and Lucas, who are good friends of Emma and Austin. 


Emma and I scheduled prom photos about 9 months ago guaranteeing that I wouldn't book a wedding and not be able to take them. A couple weeks before she asked if the other couple in their group could come, or if they should do photos separate and I should go ahead and bring them. Because lets be honest, what is better then one gorgeous couple headed to prom? Two gorgeous couples headed to prom. Kenzie and Lucas were two sweethearts and they were honestly so adorable together. Their height difference made me able to do poses I am normally unable to do and I was seriously so excited. Plus Kenzie was perfect at twirling in her dress, just wait until you see the photos. But outside of that they are also a super cute couple, who just radiate that high school love that is so precious. Just wait until you see their photos. Totally could of shot them for hours and really wish I would of been able.


Just like with Austin and Emma I could ramble for days but I am way too excited for you guys to get to these photos! So go enjoy!


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