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Barkhaus Family | Metea Park | Leo, Indiana

August 29, 2018

Every single one of my family blog posts start off with either how much I love my job, how near and dear the family is to me, or how much I love family sessions. So if anyone needs me after this blog post I will probably be googling trying to find some other way to talk about the families I shoot. But in the mean time, here is another family that made me love my job, who I have known for quite some time, and I still love family sessions.


The Barkhaus family is yet another family I have known for quite some time. My sister and Kole, the oldest Barkhaus, were in the same grade at school and grew up together. So I have known them for as long as I can remember. However I have not seen them in about 4 years, since my sister decided to attend a different school, and boy have things changed. Kole grew at least 3 feet since I last saw him, and suddenly looks so much older then I ever remember. The last time I saw Ally she was in elementary school and this cute little blonde, now she is a stunning young lady. Part of my job is I get to watch people grow up year to year as I capture their photos, and the other part is I get to reconnect with people who I knew previously and see how much they have grown and changed. It is always shocking. I was seriously amazed how grown up Ally and Kole are and how wonderful they are, both so full of passion and dreams. As for the rest of the family, Karla is just how I remember her, super sweet, and Bryan, well this was the first time I met him that I can remember, and let me tell you he is pretty funny. I am sure his kids would disagree, but he kept us laughing. So all in all, this family is pretty great. 


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