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Heritage Junior Varsity Cheerleaders | Heritage High School | Monroeville, Indiana

September 20, 2018

Early May, right after I had finished my student teaching out at Heritage, I was approached by the athletic director wondering if I was interested in coaching cheerleading at the school. I had expressed an interest during basketball season. I was sitting at a game when I learned that the coach for the year had been in and out, and the girls basically were on their own at that moment, counting on the athletic director or the principle to supervise. In that moment I said to the guidance counselor I was sitting with, I would love to coach these girls, and take this program to the next level. Apparently my interest was well received and after a few interview questions I was offered the head coaching position. As a cheerleader all through high school, I loved the idea of coaching, even looking into it a few times throughout college, but I had let the idea go. I was running a full time photography business and taking 15-18 credit hours, there was no way I could coach to. However this one fell right into my lap and I immediately accepted. Now that I am done with college I have a few free hours each week that I am more then happy to dedicate to these girls. We had tryouts, started practices, and then here we were. New uniforms were ordered, we got matching bags, cute bows, basically everything we needed to look top notch. I started to pour myself into this program, like my coach had my freshman and sophomore year. I then quickly found myself loving each and every one of these kids entirely, fully attached to this group. I have found myself laughing with them, being the shoulder they cry on when they have a rough day, or a rough moment, being the person they ask for advice, and celebrating wholeheartedly when they nail that stunt we have been working on for weeks. This group has become mine. I wake up excited on Mondays and Thursdays for practice, and pumped on Friday for the games. I find myself looking into buying more bows, or finding cool stunts we can try because I know they would want something new. I found myself implementing 20 minutes of fun games at the end of practices, and laughing over the team playing red rover or whatever ridiculous game I found for them to play. I found myself loving coaching more then I ever expected, and it is because of this group.  I am sure I will love next years group, as most of them will be cheerleadets I already have, but there is nothing like your team you have your first year of coaching. I thought I would impact them, turns out they impacted me even more. I could not be more thankful or proud to be their coach. 


On a photography side of things this shoot was a total blast. Shooting this team was seriously the best, and I can't wait to do it again for basketball season, and in the years ahead! We had perfect lighting, a beautiful stadium to shoot in, and a team who was full of giggles, and huge smiles as they got their photos taken. Seriously wish I could shoot them about 900 more times.



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