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Carboni Family | Salomon Farms | Fort Wayne, Indiana

October 1, 2018

I swear every family I have shot this year has been near and dear to my heart. So I know I start out every blog post saying it, but it is true. I had the pleasure of photographing the Carboni family this week, and the reason this family is near and dear to my heart is because I went to high school with Sam and Anthony. Sam and I actually had the same gym class and we became friends. I always hung out with Sam and Ally, which is so crazy because I photographed Ally's wedding last year, and now I photographed Sam's family. It is so crazy how my job has brought me back to so many of my childhood friends, and people I used to spent ample time with. Which is why I am seriously so thankful for this job. I remembered every quickly why Sam and I became friends in the first place. But this session isn't all about the fact that I had the pleasure of hanging out with one of my close high school friends, it is also about the fact that I can not believe how many of my friends are married, and have kids. When did we get this old? It is seriously such a treat to photography my friend's kids, especially when they are this dang cute. Seriously wait until you see Ashton and Peyton, they are the cutest! 


For the Carboni family session we decided Salomon farms would be perfect, and it totally was because Salomon is 100% gorgeous in the fall. It provides so many diverse backdrops, but most importantly it has a ton of room for kids to run and play, and have fun while they are taking photos. Ashton and Peyton had so much fun running around, discovering new things, and seeing pumpkins. It was too cute. They are seriously so insanely cute. When I asked Ashton to stand some where he told me all about it, and when we walked around he wanted to hold my hand. Cue the heart melting. When we did walking photos and I had the Carboni family walk away from me to the spot I wanted them in Peyton kept asking me to come with her, and trying to get me to walk with her. Again cue the heart melting. They are so stinking cute, and were such a blast to hang out with. I had such a great time with this family and it was such a pleasure to capture them and their sweetness.



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