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Putt Family | Private Property | Fort Wayne, Indiana

October 21, 2018

Hope y'all are ready for the cutest and sweetest extended family because I am about to show you them! When I arrived at the Putt's house, 5 adorable and sweet little faces greeted me knowing that their smiles would earn them M&M's so they were ready for me. But they were super ecstatic and so adorable in every photo. Constant smiles and giggles, loving when I asked them to tickle their parents, and enjoying some ring around the rosy while their parents and grandparents watched with equal smiles. All around it was just a session filled with the sweetest little reactions, and giggles, and such a good time. Especially because all the kids did such a good job! Plus it was an extended family so obviously I was very excited. All around I wish I could of shot this family for about 2 more hours because seriously this was one of those sessions that I left smiling, and loving every minute of my job.

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