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Kruckenberg Wedding | Lakeside Chapel and Bergstaff | Fort Wayne, Indiana

May 21, 2019

You know when you have a bride in a grey dress, and a bride in a white suit, it is going to be one amazing wedding, and the Kruckenberg wedding definitely exceeded all my expectations. Maybe it was the fact that we basically had to beg someone to let us in the tin caps stadium, or the fact that we spent time driving around on a trolley , or maybe it was the amazing food, and the fun bridal party, literally not a single part of this wedding was less then fantastic and a total blast. I could not have asked for a better day for Brandy and Savannah, well maybe a tad less hot, but seriously this was such a fun wedding to be a part of.


Brandy and Savannah were both so excited for their wedding when I arrived, and beyond ready for their first look. Getting them on the trolley without seeing each other was a task, but once at the tin caps, and after begging a worker to let us in, it was smooth sailing from there. As we brought Savannah down into the bleachers she was smiling ear to ear, ready to see Brandy. Brandy following not far behind was equally ready. The second they saw each other all their nerves about the day melted away, and smiles became a permenant part of their faces. Their bridal party and family watching from near by celebrating in excitement over these two and ready for them to become one. Brandy and Savannah spent the rest of the day with the widest smiles, close by each other, and beyond excited that they were finally married. These two were also so sweet during their day spending a lot of their day checking in on my second shooter and I and making sure we had ate, and enjoyed a cupcake or two. Seriously these two were so sweet and loving to everyone at their wedding and it was so incredible to be a part of. 


Besides Brandy and Savannah's smiles, their bridal party was all smiles over these two. Celebrating from the first look, to the last dance, radiating out love for these two. The maid of honor being the reason the two had met in the first place, and the best man stating that Savannah showed him what love truly was. All around a bridal party full of affection and excitement for these two. Spending the day making sure every last detail was perfect, and every aspect of this wedding day was perfect. 



Venue: Lakeside Chapel and Bergstaff

Cake Artist: For Goodness Cakes

DJ; Alomar Entertainment

Hair and Makeup: Bridal Design

Wedding Dress: Toumas Bridal

Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal

Suits: Louie's



























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