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Martin Family | Private Property | Auburn, Indiana

July 4, 2019

I don't even know where to start this post because I already know it is going to be so sappy and bias because I just absolutely adore this little family, so I guess we are just going to dive in. I shot Nick and Kelsey's wedding a little over a year ago today, and it is still seriously one of my favorite weddings to date and it had a lot to do with them as a couple. These two are so cute together, and just so full of life. They make you feel like you are their best friend, and literally both spent their wedding day making sure Simon and I had enough water and food to eat and that we were not too hot. These two are just totally the sweetest. I loved their wedding so stinking much and wish we could do it all over again. However I will settle for shooting their little family instead. Their anniversary session quickly turned into a family session and I am all about it.


Last July when Kelsey picked up their wedding album, she told me that her and Nick were ready to start a family and I was so excited. Fast forward a few months and she was telling me she was pregnant. Her pregnancy flew by and next thing I knew little Luke was born. Now let me say I do love all babies in general but OH MY GOODNESS this is a stinking cute little one. Kelsey sends me daily Snapchats of Luke which just melt my heart, and has texted me the last week about how excited he is to meet me. Literally my heart is a puddle. I was so excited leading up to this session and the excitement was 100% legit because this family is the stinking cutest thing I have ever seen. Nick and Kelsey are just both so in love with Luke and it seriously just warms my heart. There is no lack of love for this little one, and it was easy to see why. Not only is he so stinking cute, but he is such a good little guy. He was so cuddly, and I just wanted to take him home with me. I am totally obsessed with him, but then again how could you not be. I could totally continue to ramble about how much I love these three, and of course, Thor, missed that fuzzy face, but I am going to let you get to these photos because they are so stinking cute. 




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