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What I Am Currently Loving

August 19, 2019

It is time for August's What I am Currently Loving, and boy do I have some good things for you!


1. A Mini Massage Ball

This may seem like a weird thing to include, but my discovery of the massage ball has changed my life. My hands are often tired and sore after long days of editing and shooting. I also have issues with my right hand because I literally only use my pointer finger to type and use my trackpad, so I hold my hand really oddly and it becomes sore easily when working these long days. Running my hands over a massage ball has made all the difference in the world, and is such a relief to me after a long day. They are also so good for your feet, and we all know after being on your feet for 8 hours a little relief is so necessary. 


2. Belkin Wireless Iphone Charger

I have had a wireless charger for quite a few months now, but after replacing my third Apple cord in my car this year I realized how valuable this charger is. I can seriously not even begin to tell you how many Apple chargers I used to go through, and how annoying it was to be buying a $30 cord every other month. Since buying my wireless charger I have only bought one cord, and it was for my car, but my last one looked like it might electrocute you. Seriously the wireless charger has been a life saver in not having to buy cords, plus I have it on my desk and make it a no touch zone so I won't grab my phone and get distracted from work. 


3. Starbucks Strawberry Refreshers

I have admitted my love to Strawberry Refreshers maybe a 100 times, so technically this is not a new thing. BUT. All my weekends on the road, and long nights editing has meant a lot of coffee has needed to be in my system to make this whole thing work, hence Strawberry Refreshers. At this point I honestly need Starbucks to sponsor me because I buy at least 4 a week, and my bank account kind of hates me for it, but honestly I can't make anything like it at home so 9000% worth it. I have shown so many people Strawberry Refreshers this past month as well, including my two best friends, so I felt like it has to make this month's list. 


4. Hempz Pomogranate Lotion

I am literally the queen of dry skin, and literally all year round. It is probably because I literally take the world's hottest showers, or maybe its the fact that we spend a lot of time in the lake and I swim till I am a prune. Either way, year round my skin on my hands is always so dry. So keeping moisturized throughout the day is so important. A couple weeks ago I needed a new lotion and asked my mom to grab one from the store and she got me Hempz Pomegranate. I have never tried the Pomegranate but after one squirt of lotion, it became my new favorite lotion, and literally I have it on my hands nonstop. My best friend though it was a new perfume it seriously smells that good. Plus I use it 5-6 times a day and I have barely made a dent in the bottle, so bonus points for that! 


So in the spirit of WIACL here is my sentence. So head out right now grab yourself a strawberry refresher, hit up Target and get a Belkin Wireless Charger, and a Mini Massage Ball, then head to Ulta to pick up some Hempz Pomegranate Lotion! 


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