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Delong Wedding | The Orchid | Fort Wayne, Indiana

October 1, 2019

2019 has been a year where I have seen so many gorgeous and unique wedding trends pop up, and the Delong Wedding was just the icing on the cake as I had my first ever bride wear a black dress. Yeah, you read that right. Brandi wore a black dress, and let me tell you, I WANT IT TO BE A THING. I'm over here wondering if I could pull off a black dress some day for my wedding. Seriously it was such a statement piece that was absolutely perfect and such a fun stand out from the traditional white wedding dress. Literally obsessed with Brandi's choice, and hope 2020 brings more brides in colored dresses.


Besides the dress, which you think would be the most notable thing about this wedding. There was so many other bits and pieces to this wedding that are worth mentioning and were equally wonderful. My favorite thing about the wedding was the Best Man and the Maid of Honor. The best man was Brandi's son Jesse, and the maid of honor was Brandi's daughter Madison. It was such a sweet way to include Brandi's kids as they welcomed Nicholas into their family. Not only was Jesse and Madison absolutely excited to welcome Nick into their family, they were also so excited in general for the wedding and truly the best maid of honor and best man I have worked with. I should also mention they had the sweetest speeches, which included Madison saying how thankful she was for everything Nick did and Jesse saying how excited he was about having a new daddy. Seriously it was the sweetest thing in the world. Another favorite thing of mine about the Delong wedding was the fact that it was Nightmare Before Christmas Themed. You will see Nick's tie and the guy's bowties pulling in the theme, as well as the flower girl's dress, and the ring bearer's box for the rings. But overall it was a super cool theme and I loved it! From the themed cake, to the table decorations being all different things from the movie, to the bride's custom shoes, to the photo backdrop for selfies. Brandi and Nick totally nailed it with their theme and it was seriously awesome. Again such a unique thing for a wedding that I was totally in love with. 


I could write about the rest of the bridal party, but I really want to get to Brandi and Nick so I will sum the rest of the bridal party up with, they were seriously wonderful. Anyways I wanted to get to Brandi and Nick because I really felt like this was such a huge day for these two. Not only were they becoming husband and wife, but Nick was also gaining two kids and they were becoming a family. I honestly have never shot a wedding where a blended family was being formed where the kids were so happy and in love with their new parent, and were truly 10000% in on the day, and it was so sweet that I felt like Nick had taken the time to not only have a deep intimate relationship with Brandi but also her kids. You could tell that they just adored Nick just by the way they looked at them, but how could you not when your mom is that in love and Nick is as sweet as he is. Brandi and Nick are seriously such a sweet couple together and I can tell that their love for each other just comes easily, and natural. They just fit together perfectly and compliment each other in every way. They are truly the perfect match and I just love when I can tell my couples have absolutely found the perfect one. I also loved how much they customized their wedding to be for them. They didn't do blush roses because its the trend, or a pastel color palette because that is what everyone else is doing. They did a wedding fully customized and themed to a movie they loved and I really felt like their day reflected them. It was truly such a great wedding to be a part of and I am so thankful that I could be their wedding photographer. 

Dream Team Vendors

Venue: The Orchid

Wedding Dress: Wendy's Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Men's Suits: Louis Tux Shop

Florist: Forever Friends Florals

Cake Artist: New Haven Bakery

Hair Artist: Rudae's School of Beauty

Makeup Artist: Rudae's School of Beauty

Dj: Music Man Entertainment

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