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Dager Family | Coxhall Gardens | Indianapolis, Indiana

October 31, 2019

It has been a few years since I photographed the Dager Family. They moved to Indy and their lives have been just as crazy as mine. However in September Jeanna messaged me and said "please tell me you are coming to Indy this fall, we want family photos!" I literally would have rearranged my entire schedule for this family, but luckily I was already headed down to Indy in October meaning after a few years I was about to photograph one of my favorite families again! I honestly have been looking forward to this session since Jeanna messaged me and all the excitement was definitely granted as it was truly an amazing session.


The Dager kids have grown quite a bit since I last saw them. Most of the boys now stand taller then me, and they have seriously all grown so much! Hannah graduated college, John is a senior in high school, Drew has a job. It is amazing how much has changed for this family since I last saw them. But a lot hasn't changed. They are all still so sweet and funny. They still have so much love for each other. They still are so dang photogenic and literally the cutest family. I am seriously so thankful I crossed paths with this family all those years ago and have had the pleasure of photographing them as their kids have grown! Already blocking off a weekend next year to be down in Indy so I can photograph this family again because I am not going to let a few years go by again! 



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