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Dubach Family | Saloman Farms | Fort Wayne, Indiana

October 31, 2019

I hope everyone is ready for the sweetest extended family session ever, mainly because this family is literally so dang cute, I can not even handle it. But seriously I love extended family sessions which I have probably said a million times, just due to those photos being such treasured memories. I honestly wish I had professional photos with my entire family, maybe that is something I can convince them to do in 2020. But anyways, I love taking photos of the entire family especially grandparents with their grandkids, it is just so stinking cute. Literally just wait until you see the photos when I asked the little ones to tickle grandma and grandpa, so dang cute. But besides loving this session because it was an extended family session, I also loved it because I love this family. The Dubach family all attends my church, and Eric is actually the pastor, so there is a whole lot of love for these sweet people. I've also loved on multiple of these kiddos in Sunday School, and Midweek, as well as received a lot of hugs and had a lot of good conversations with Heather. Literally all around this family is just one of my favorites and it was such a pleasure to photograph them.

























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